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113056  Patient-Specific Total Hip Arthroplasty Guides
113036  Non-Invasive PC-MRI Based Hemodynamic Modeling Procedure
113009  Unambiguous Anthrax Detection Assay
112005  Appetite Stimulating Proteins
111098  An Acoustic Jet Device for Sleep Apnea
111064  Hepato-Seal
111017  AKT Selective Cytotoxic Compounds
110068  Metal Stent Coating
110060  A Novel Genetic Marker for Food Allergy
110057  Sinus Dilation Device
110025  Serum Test for Lung and Prostate Cancer
109100  Method of Detection of Heparin Adulteration
109074  Radiation Shielding Device
109051  Allantoin as non-invasive neuroprotective therapy for Parkinson's disease
109001  A Safer Way to Treat Obesity
108104  Drug/Food Self-Administration v.2.23
108017  Personalized Medicine - A Test for Individualized Cardiovascular Disease Treatment Protocols Based on Beta-1 Adrenergic Receptor Haplotype
107093  Novel Molecules for Shiga Toxin Detection
107055  RB Functional Status as a Determinant for Breast Cancer Therapy
107054  Novel End-Point Assay for Autophagy
107014  Novel Wound Healing Device
107004  Novel Estrogen Receptor Beta (ER-ß) Isoforms as Targets for Cancer Therapeutics and other ER-ß related diseases.
106109  G-Protein Coupled Receptor Kinase-5 Polymorphism
106082  Structure of human platelet glycoprotein VI: A novel target for anti-thrombotic agents
106078  Polo-like kinase 3 (Plk3) as a Rational Target for Anti-Cancer Therapy
106042  Methods for Diagnosing and Treating Cancers via manipulations of a non-degradative pVHL-Rpb1 ubiquitylation pathway
106026  Molecular Profiling of Thyroid Cancer
105008  Method of Killing Cancer Cells by Neurotransmitter Inhibition
104079  Endovascular Aneurysm Neck Closure Device
104070  Miniature Multisensor Catheter
104062  Glucocorticoid Induced Receptor: A novel Neuropeptide Y “Y2-like” GPCR as a target for obesity
104041  Management of the Newborn Experience
104010  Compounds to Treat Cardiovascular Ischemia and promote Wound Healing
103036  Bisbenzamidines for the Treatment of Pneumonia
103007  Compositions and Methods for Targeted Drug Delivery
102080  The Magnetic Hip Joint For Reduction of Friction
102042  Potential Tumor Suppressor Gene
102037  Method for Determining Dietary Fat Absorption
101033  Method to Increase Milk Production
100037  Enhanced tPA Activity and Therapy
100021  Peptides with Antioxidant and Antimocrobial Properties
098021  hBub1, Cell Cycle Checkpoint Gene
098013  Compounds to Treat Obesity
097032  Item Number 274 - Self-Destructing, Controlled Release Peroral Drug Delivery System

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