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Case Number 086047 - Item Number 92 - Improved Immunogenic Protein Antigens

Description:  This discovery Is based on a new method for increasing the immonogenicity of protein antigens.
The importance of the use of antigens in the prevention of infectious disease through immunization and in the treatment of allergies through desensitization is well known.
The basis of immunization is the exposure of the organism to be immunized to dead or weakened infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, toxins, etc.) or extracts thereof which contain a foreign, generally macromolecular substance which is capable of evoking an immune response. These substances are generally referred to as antigens. Likewise, allergic reactions can be lessened by desensitization, wherein such a substance is used to suppress the normal allergic response caused by foreign substances, referred to as allergens. Most antigens and allergens are either wholly or partially composed of protein.
Because antigens are foreign substances they can have adverse side effects on an organism sought to be immunized. Accordingly, it is important to be able to achieve an effective immunogenic response utilizing as low levels as possible of the antigen, One way to increase the antigenicity of a substance is by using adjuvants such as alum salts in conjunction with the antigen. However, the use of adjuvants in vivo sometimes causes problems of toxicity and other side effects. Accordingly, adjuvants are generally not favored for use in humans or in any other organism where toxicity and/or side effects are a concern.
The technology of the present invention avoids these prior problems and provides a novel method to obtain treated protein molecule with enhanced immunogenic properties which can be administered peritoneally or orally without the prior requirement for use of adjuvants to achieve a proper response.

Issued US patent # 5,142,027 entitled Cationized carriers for immunogen production

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