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Case Number 090044 - CUFS - Computerized Term Contract Buying

Description:  The best buying tool available for any large comprehensive institution is the Annual Term Contract. In return for the pooled buying power for a commodity or service, the bidding vendors promise a fixed price and discount to the institution, most often for the entire year. Purchase discounts average thirty percent. As important as fixed prices are in an inflationary economy, and volume discounts are in any economy, convenience is the value added with these computerized programs of term contract buying .
  • They limit contact with Central Purchasing Buyers to those non-repetitive needs that cannot be predicted.
  • They require vendors to carry stock for all users - thereby reducing internal inventories.
  • They assist in standardization of products.
  • They abolish about half the purchase orders that would otherwise be necessary.
  • They assist user department with budgeting supply funds for the year.
  • They abolish individual bidding requisitions and purchase lead-time delays.
  • They permit an authorized user (operating department) to issue their own release order in a matter of seconds.

For more information please contact Geoffrey Pinski at 513-558-5696 or

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