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Case Number 098021 - hBub1, Cell Cycle Checkpoint Gene

Description:  The present invention provides therapies of human cancers which have a mutation in the hBub1 gene, including gene therapy, protein replacement therapy and protein mimetics. The invention further provides methods for the screening of drugs for cancer therapy . Finally, the invention provides methods of screening of the hBub1 gene for mutations, which are useful for diagnosing the predisposition to cancer. This invention also provides an isolated polynucleotide comprising all, or a portion of the hBub1 locus or of a mutated hBub1 locus.
Genetic analyses have identified six distinct genes (BUB1, 2, and 3 and MAD1, 2, and 3) that are important in regulating the spindle checkpoint. BUB1 encodes a protein serine/threonine kinase and is itself phosphorylated when the cell enters mitosis. A recent study shows that Bub1p activates the spindle checkpoint in the budding yeast. BUB2 is structurally related to the fission yeast cdc16 gene product, which plays an essential part in cytokinesis. BUB3, unrelated to any other known proteins, appears to be a substrate of BUB1.
This technology is patented, and we are seeking a licensee to pursue development of products based on this technology.

US Patent # 6,335,169, entitled "Nucleic acids encoding hBub1, a cell cycle checkpoint gene"

For more information please contact Kellen Sensor at 513-558-5621 or

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