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Case Number 102065 - Economical Process for the Preparation of Germania Crystals

Description:  Germania crystals are useful adjuncts in a variety of industrial processes, including the strengthening of rubber, preparation of personal care products such as toothpastes, and opto-electronic applications such as the preparation of waveguides.

Traditional techniques for preparation of these materials has involved the employment of extremes of pH and various non-aqueous solvents, as well as careful alteration of process parameters such as pressure and temperature.

We have developed a technique for the synthesis of germania particles which employs modest process requirements of atmospheric pressure, avoidance of solvents other than water, and neutral pH. Our technologies key advantages are:
  • Advantages
  • The technique permits economical preparation of germania particles through easily accomplished process parameters of atmospheric pressure and neutral pH.
  • The technique is versatile and permits the synthesis of novel hybrids of germania with silica, titania, alumina, and zirconia.
  • The technique permits the preparation of spherical germania particles with a wide size range of 400 nm to 5 µm.

For more information please contact Geoffrey Pinski at 513-558-5696 or

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