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Case Number 104015 - Threshold and Identity-based Distributed Key Management for Wireless MANETs

Description:  As various applications of wireless ad hoc network have been proposed, security has become one of the big research challenges and is receiving increasing attention. We have developed a distributed key management and authentication approach by deploying the recently developed concepts of identity-based cryptography and threshold secret sharing. Without any assumption of pre-fixed trust relationship between nodes, the ad hoc network works in a self-organizing way to provide the key generation and key management service, which effectively solves the problem of single point of failure in the traditional public key infrastructure (PKI)-supported system. This approach is comprised of two components: distributed key generation and identity-based authentication. The key generation component provides the network master key pair and the public/private key pair to each node in a distribute way. The generated private keys are used for authentication. Identity-based authentication mechanism provides end-to-end authentication and confidentiality between the communication nodes. If the authentication process succeeds, the communication nodes exchange a session key, which can be used for future communication.

Patent pending. A copy of the US patent application, can be found at Threshold and Identity-based Distributed Key Management for Wireless MANETs

For more information please contact Doug Nienaber at 513-558-3098 or

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