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Case Number 104041 - Management of the Newborn Experience

Description:  The University of Cincinnati, lead by Ms. Barbara Gilman RN, MSN, Ms. Shirley J. Adams, RN, MSN, Ms. Elizabeth E. Weiner RN, PhD, and Jeffery Q. Adams, MSCE, has developed a two hour interactive comprehensive program for educating nurses about the newborn experience.

The program is divided into four different modules, with a number of different sections:
  • Immediate Care of the Newborn
    1. APGAR
    2. Check for Anomalies
  • General Assessment: Appearance, Vital Signs & Measurements
    1. Determine Heart Rate
    2. Cord Care
  • Complete Assessment: Skin, Head, Chest & Abdomen
    1. Identification of Fontanels
    2. Abdominal Palpation
  • Complete Assessment: Genitalia, Extemities, Reflexes and Gestational Age
    1. A circumcision
    2. Ballard chart

The standard price includes a 10-student license, and more licenses can be obtained at a reduced amount.

For more information please contact Geoffrey Pinski at 513-558-5696 or

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