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Case Number 106025 - LS14: A Human Adipocyte Cell Line

Description:  We have cloned a novel cell line, named LS14, from a human liposarcoma tumor which expresses preadipocyte properties and proliferates robustly. This cell line is derived from spontaneously transformed cells and is not a result of transfection. The cells can be maintained and propagated indefinitely in a defined culture medium with a cell generation time of 72-96 hr. The cells are considered partially-differentiated preadipocytes and can be induce to terminally differentiate and accumulate lipid droplets following incubation in serum-free medium which contains a combination of adipogenic-inducing compounds. Within 8-10 days after induction of adipogenesis, 50-60% of the cells have undergone differentiation. These cells express many genes that are typical of primary human adipocytes, including leptin, adiponectin, lipoprotein lipase, hormone-sensitive lipase, fatty acid synthase, angiotensinogen, Glut4, AP2, TNF?, IL-6 and PPAR?. They respond to isoproterenol by increased lipolysis.

For more information please contact Melissa Baines at 513-558-5274 or

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