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Case Number 109074 - Radiation Shielding Device

Description:  Dr. Costea has created a lightweight, radiation shielding device. Made of transparent leaded material, the device reduces the radiation exposure of the medical professionals to almost zero, without decreasing their range of motion, visual contact with patients or the capability of performing fine movements with their hands and fingers. The dual shields are placed on wheels which are positioned in a tripod shape, one set on the external side and two separate sets on the other.

The shields’ positioning, which is opposite to the radiation tube and the patient's chest, provides medical professionals the flexibility of either standing or sitting while conducting medical procedures. While offering maximum radiation protection to the medical professionals’ entire body, these shields are easy to construct at an economical cost.

The invention has the following advantages:
  • Eliminates radition exposure to medical professionals
  • Allows medical professionals to utlize full range of motion
  • Mobile and adjustable

There is a US Patent Application pending, Serial Number 12/868,041.

For more information please also see this summary.

Radiation Shielding Device

For more information please contact Ellen Banks at 513-558-4768 or

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