Case Number 091045 - Item Number 277 - Superabsorbent Microporous Foams

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  Microporous, open-celled foams may be used as filtration media, controlled release systems, artificial skin and blood vessels, medical implants, and packing for chromatography columns. They may also be employed in such consumer items as diapers, feminine napkins, tampons and other personal care products that benefit from high absorbency, rapid absorption, strength and resistance to pressure.
Our foams are made up of crosslinked polymers having interconnected fluid cells distributed throughout their mass. They can quickly absorb at least twice their dry weight, and they retain a significant amount of liquid even under pressure.
The porosity, pore size and other properties of our foams can be regulated by the choice of polymers, crosslinkers and synthesis conditions. A wide range of polymers and crosslinkers can be used, and it is possible to design foams that are highly biodegradable. Drying of the microporous materials to produce the desired foams may be accomplished by air-drying, freeze-drying or a solvent-exchange method using volatile solvents.
Conventional foams have generally been made from hydrophobic polymers, but our foams can be synthesized from a variety of hydrophilic polymers as well. The properties of our foams are superior, in part because they absorb and retain liquid not only by capillary action (as ordinary microporous foams do) but also by swelling of the pore walls. Our foams retain their superior structural properties even after air drying, under conditions that degrade conventional foams.
We are seeking a licensee to develop and commercialize our foams. We are willing to consider an exclusive licensing arrangement.

Two Issued US Patents - 6027795 entitled "Superabsorbent foams and method for producing the same" and 5573994 entitled "Superabsorbent foams, and method for producing the same"