Case Number 094045 - UC SDRL Research Software

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  UC-SDRL Research Software currently includes the X-Modal II modal parameter estimation package, the MRIT-VXI and MIMO-VXI data acquisition package and the X-Utilities Library.

X-Modal II
X-Modal II is an experimental modal analysis software package developed at the University of Cincinnati, Structural Dynamics Research Lab (UC-SDRL) in conjunction with The Boeing Company. The primary function of this software package is to provide a flexible environment for analyzing data acquired for the purpose of experimentally determining the modal parameters of a structure. The flexible environment involves a unique data management structure as well as a user programming capability based upon MATLABĀ®. X-Modal II does not acquire frequency response function (FRF) data (see a related software project, X-ACQuisition, under the UC-SDRL Consortium) but utilizes FRF data acquired from any data acquisition system as long as the data can be provided in Universal File format (UFF). X-Modal II provides a graphical user interface (GUI) in parallel with a command driven interface to provide users with any type of programmatic interaction desired. X-Modal utilizes MATLABĀ® to provide user programmability as well as to implement all the major modal parameter estimation algorithms documented in the literature.

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