Case Number 097007 - Item Number 247 - Low Temperature Oxygen for the Enhancement of Levitation Force

Contact: Dan O’Neill
Phone: 513-558-4768

Description:  High temperature superconductors such as YBa2Cu3Ox have great potential in industrial applications including magnetic levitation, power transmission lines, efficient generators, and microwave components in telecommunications.
In general, the properties of YBa2Cu3Ox are enhanced if the materials are fully oxygenated (x~7). For instance, the transition temperature Tc will decrease sharply if x is reduced to 6.7.
The oxygenation content is temperature dependent and increases as temperature decreases. For example, in air, x~6.4 at 700°C and -6.95 at 200°C. However, the oxygenation process is often carried out in the range of 400 - 450°C, because it has been thought that lower temperatures do not produce adequate oxygen diffusion.
We have carried out oxygenation at temperatures much below the commonly used temperatures and found that the oxygenation is much more complete, and in turn the properties optimized.
As an example of the improved engineering properties of the more highly oxygenated materials produced by our process, levitation force in flywheel energy storage will be increased by a factor of three. The milestone will be the production of a levitator with a levitation force of 30 Newton.