Case Number 097032 - Item Number 274 - Self-Destructing, Controlled Release Peroral Drug Delivery System

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
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Description:  If a delivery system is provided for administering a drug at a constant rate throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract, the different absorptive rates of the various sections of the tract will result in a change in the blood levels of the delivered compound. The present invention relates to tablets that are time-controlled to release active agent at different rates in different regions of the digestive tract in order to maintain a substantially constant concentration in the blood.
The advantage of the present system is its adaptability to manufacturing on a compression coating machine, in one single step. Once the delivery system of the present invention reaches the large intestine, where absorption of drug is slower because of mucosal viscosity of the intestinal contents, the shell of the device self-destructs thus releasing the drug at an accelerated rate. The device delivers a compound in a sustained manner to the upper portion of the gastrointestinal tract and then provides a burst of release at the lower small intestine, more particularly the colon.

Issued US Patent # 6,365,185 - Self-destructing, controlled release peroral drug delivery system