Case Number 101016 - Hybrid Priority Handoff Scheme for Integrated Wireless Networks

Contact: Dan O’Neill
Phone: 513-558-4768

Description:   The field of wireless communication continues to expand. The introduction of additional demands imposed by increased volume of wireless communication of voice, data, and video data will impose increasing requirements for reliability and quality in wireless communication. One critical area in which reliability will be required is that of “handoffs:” i.e. the technological means by which data transmissions are reliability maintained as wireless communications devices move from “cell” to “cell” within a typical wireless service area. Existing “handoff” technology includes “guard channel” technology and “queuing” technology. However, these proposals take into account only voice transmissions, and do not take the probability of multiple types of traffic (including both real-time and non-real-time) into consideration. A new model for “handoff” management has been developed which combines various methods for the prediction and management of transmission resources in order to optimize quality of service in voice, data, and video integrated wireless mobile networks.

The method is adaptable to future wireless service techniques, which may have frequent handoffs; e.g. those systems using small-cell structures (micro-cell and pico-cell) methods.
Simulations using the proposed method demonstrate a drastic improvement over competing technologies, measured as blocking probability, transmission delay, and forced termination probability.
Implementation of the proposed method is no more expensive than competing technologies.