Case Number 101068 - Integrated Compressor Motor, Fan-Motor, Propeller-Motor, Pump Motor and Turbine Generator

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  The conventional arrangement in the case of a compressor or pump is to have a shaft connecting it to a motor. Steam and power turbines are generally connected to a generator via a shaft.
We have developed a new technology which allows the turbine and generator to be integrated; motors and fans integrated. This allows for smaller, more compact, and less expensive machines.
Without a shaft and motor, machines may be smaller and lighter, making hydroelectric projects more affordable and less intrusive on the environment. In the field of aircraft propulsion, this invention saves weight and airflow.
The need for a common shaft is eliminated: the dynamics of the long shaft can be eliminated and components no longer must be aligned with it, thus creating the possibility of true “multi-cycle” machines.