Case Number 102009 - Calcium Activated Cl- Channel in HEK 293 Cells

Contact: Ellen Monson
Phone: 513-558-5274

Description:  Ion Channels play a crucial role in many diseases, most notably in cystic fibrosis. A calcium-activated pathway for Cl- may play an important role in disease severity. However, little is known of the physiological and pharmacological properties of this ion channel.
To study this protein, Dr. Cuppoletti has transfected HEK 293 cell line with a human plasmid containing a calcium activated Cl- channel. The end result is a human airway calcium activated chloride channel stably expressed in a HEK293 cell line. The advantages of this research tool are low background currents from endogenous chloride channels; lack of cation channel under prescribed conditions; large signal with calcium activation, fully inhibited by appropriate inhibitor.
HEK293 cells were transfected with human cDNA (hCLCA2 clone 4) in expression vector pcDNA3.1 using Lipofectamine to produce a stably transfected cell line.