Case Number 102031 - OS and User Environments

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  An operating system for user-created environments enables computer users to easily manage all available content and information resources. In addition, the system provides users with the ability to create intuitive interfaces which integrate with the same resources. The new system provides users the means to effectively address the common problems of information overload due to universal information content resources such as the Web and other large and loosely-structured databases. A major advantage of the system is the incorporation and application of relevancy- ranking algorithms in visualizations and data views. Another advantage is the incorporation and application of user profiles, including semantics and user access patterns. Sophisticated logic is applied to such user profiles to enhance user environment-workspaces for information retrieval, including, for example, guided or focused search processes, user enabled, hierarchical content storage and caching, and facilitated uncovering of new and useful information resources. Automatic machine learning and personally selected strategies are used to improve and scale the system over time. Another advantage is the facilitation of integrated collaborative tools, sharing among environments, and the development of distributed operating systems for larger-scale information systems.