Case Number 102072 - Elongated Angle Nozzle For Oil Drilling

Contact: Dan O’Neill
Phone: 513-558-4768

Description:  The paramount objective of drilling is to reach the target safely in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost current nozzle designs suffer from inefficiency and rapid wear, resulting in increased cost of replacement and retrieval.
An improved, elongated and angled nozzle for oil drilling has been developed at the University of Cincinnati. This nozzle shifts the stagnation lines, which occur underneath the cones. It works all along the cone and sweeps the bottom more efficiently. This effect is achieved by creating a swirl in the annulus to reduce the unsteadiness. It also has better discharge coefficient because of the very smooth profile and improved slot shape.

  1. The new design reduces unsteadiness through a revolutionary style and improved shape producing an improved discharge coefficient.
  2. Compared to conventional nozzle designs, this nozzle promises reduced drilling time, reduced wear and tear and improved overall economy.