Case Number 102076 - Controlled Mixing and Penetration in a Swirling Jet Injector

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  Swirl is used in combustion systems to enhance mixing and provide flame stabilization in both subsonic and supersonic flows. In high-speed flow, compressibility effects reduce amplification rates of the span wise vortices and increase 3 dimensional instabilities, thereby producing preferential stream wise vortices. These vortices are less effective in entraining ambient flow into the mixing layers; therefore energy extraction from the mean flow is reduced and less energy is being transferred to small-scale vortical structures through vortex stretching. As a result, the turbulent energy is reduced universally.
The technology developed at University of Cincinnati is a novel fuel ejection technique, which will increase the initial penetration of the swirling fuel jet and increase mixing.

  1. Efficient combustion and other mixing applications require a combination of high penetration that requires concentrated momentum and intense mixing that necessitates distributed momentum. These are contradictory requirements. The swirl-controlled jet enables this performance with high penetration and precisely controlled mixing.
  2. It will result in increased efficiency of combustion system and other chemical reactions.
  3. The actuator is simple, cost effective, and requires low power.
  4. VBD is versatile and can be used for a variety of flow control applications.