Case Number 104079 - Endovascular Aneurysm Neck Closure Device

Contact: Kellen Sensor
Phone: 513-558-5621

Description:  Endovascular therapy of cerebral aneurysms by coil embolization is well accepted by the surgical community as a safe and efficiacious alternative to open surgical repair of aneurysms by traditional clip ligation methods. Coil embolization benefits the patient with reduced mortality and better short term morbidity in instances of vascular rupture and shorter hospital stays and recovery times for instances of unruptured aneurysms. Standard of Care methods involve occlusion of the anyeurysmal lumen with platinum microcoil devices. New liquid embolics are also being developed by researchers, but both suffer from high aneurysm recurrence rates due to compaction and recanalization of the defect. Open surgical repair has a much lower frequency of failure, but carries the burden of tradition surgical method risk. A new method of aneurismal occlusion that offered the durability of traditional methods, coupled with the more favorable risk profile of less invasive techniques would benefit the patient. A research physician at the University of Cincinnati has designed an intravascular device to address the need for a occlusive mechanism that achieves similar fusion and closure end points from tissue apposition and compression at the neck of the aneuryism compared with traditional open surgical approaches.

The University is seeking potential partners for prototype development and subsequent pursuit of patent protection for this invention.