Case Number 108075 - Mammary Gland estrogen receptor knock-out mouse

Contact: Melissa Baines
Phone: 513-558-5274

Description:  Dr. Sohaib Khan, a Professor in the Department of Cancer and Cell Biology at the University of Cincinnati, has developed a conditional knockout mouse that keeps the estrogen receptor in all tissues except the mammary tissue, which allows scientists to study the role the receptor plays in breast development and abnormalities such as breast cancer or problems with milk production when nursing.
The potential applications of this mouse model are tremendous, in that it can be an invaluable tool toward developing a better understanding of the relationship between estrogen-signaling and oncogene-mediated breast cancer development. This can lead to a better understanding of the origins of breast cancer, to find new ways for earlier detection and potential for new therapies to treat breast cancer. The “floxed ER” mice can also be used to delete ER in other estrogen-target tissues.

A detailed description of this mouse can be seen in an article from the September 2007 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; which you can access by clicking on the image below
Cover of the issue of PNAS in which Dr. Khan's article was published