Case Number 108112 - Mouse Strain B6.FVB-Tg(GNAT2-Dta)98Wwk/J

Contact: Melissa Baines
Phone: 513-558-5274

Description:  Mice hemizygous for this "Trc-Tox176" transgene (also called "h-GNAT2pro-DTA") are viable and fertile. Expression of diphtheria toxin (DTA) from the transgene is similar to that of endogenous GNAT2, leading to ablation of both rod and cone photoreceptor development in the ventral retina (the abnormality is a result of abnormal cellular development rather than a consequence of retinal degeneration). The dorsal retina has nearly normal development of rods, but the development of cones is limited to about 10%. These transgenic mice exhibit an absence of cone photoreceptors in the retina, as well as the concomitant absence of rod photoreceptors in the ventral retina. The mice may be useful in studies of photoreceptor development, photoreceptor-related retinal diseases, and to profile photoreceptor genes in adult and in developmental stages.

These mice have been deposited at The Jackson Laboratory as Strain 006756.