Case Number 109010 - Professional Assessment and Learning Database

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  The University of Cincinnati Division of Professional Practice has developed a computer program and associated database to track and evaluate students’ experience during their cooperative education. The University of Cincinnati introduced the first program of cooperative education in 1906. Initiated by Dean Herman Schneider in UC’s College of Engineering, cooperative education was a new teaching methodology, which has withstood the test of time.

UC’s evaluation system relies on: a) the faculty evaluating the students; b) the employers evaluating the students; and c) the students evaluating employers and the employment opportunity The computer program is web-enabled so that the students, employers and faculty can access it from anywhere. The computer program has three separate interfaces which allow for easy access to the students, faculty and employers, while also limiting what information each user can review – the student interface, the employer interface, and the faculty interface.

The Student Interface
Here the students enter registration, placement and job evaluation data. This interface allows students to view both their personal evaluations of employers and positions as well as their complete evaluation history of employer assessment data on performance.

The Employer Interface
The Employer Interface has two sections, one for the student's supervisor and one for the human resources officer responsible for the cooperative education program at the company. The faculty advisor and the co-op student both have access to the evaluation submitted by the company supervisor. The human resources officer has access to the placement history of all students working in their company and can review individual reports submitted by their supervisors and add additional comments.

The Faculty Interface
The Faculty Interface allows faculty advisors to both review individual student evaluations. At present development is underway to improve the interface to achieve aggregated reports of student performance. This feature will enable co-op faculty and/or other faculty to review aggregated student learning reports. Many of these reports are currently being customized by hand to provide faculty members answers to questions posed regarding student learning outcomes.

The following are publications related to the use of the software: