Case Number 109079 - Audrey II Puppet Rentals

Contact: Melissa Baines
Phone: 513-558-5274

Description:  Can’t do it without a set of Audrey II puppets. Beautifully crafted and sturdily built, the University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music has Audrey II puppet sets for rent. Each set comes with all four sizes of puppets carefully crafted to match the original Broadway production in size and function. Each set comes with a small counter top puppet, ready to be used on your counter, complete with wilting leaves, a hand held puppet with fake arm and white jacket, a medium/large puppet operated by sitting in the pot, legs become the tentacles, and the largest puppet size, big enough to eat the cast!

Each set of puppets travels in 2 steel and wooden road boxes and can be shipped anywhere. Our puppets have graced the stages of numerous high schools, colleges, professional theaters and a German leg USO tour!

“We were extremely pleased with the quality of the Audrey II puppets. They were in fine shape and easy to use for all of our performers.”- Jill, US Army Entertainment Logistics

Contact Steve Miller, Associate Director Theater Operations, via email: or via phone: 513-556-3709, today at the College Conservatory of Music to schedule your rental.

More information can be found here: Audrey Puppet Summary