Case Number 110025 - Serum Test for Lung and Prostate Cancer

Contact: Michael Hansen
Phone: 513-558-5621

Description:  Dr. Shan Lu has developed a test that allows for improved diagnosis for both lung and prostate cancer.

This diagnostic serum protein biomarker using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay allows for greatly improved accuracy in diagnosing both lung and prostate cancer when used in conjunction with existing tests. Current diagnostics alone have limited definitiveness, but addition of this novel serum-based test reduces both false positive and negative results.

Diagnosis of early stage lung cancer is difficult due to the invasiveness of biopsies and the prevalence of benign lung nodules in the US population. This serum-based test would permit screening and early diagnosis when used in combination with low-dose CT scans.

As a prostate cancer diagnostic, this novel diagnostic can differentiate between cancer and benign prostate diseases. When coupled with the PSA test, the sensitivity of prostate cancer screening and diagnosis is greatly improved. The serum test can be used to monitor borderline cases and disease progression of both lung and prostate cancer.


A PCT entitled, Serum sPLA2-lla as Diagnosis Marker for Prostate and Lung Cancer is currently pending.

For more information please also see this summary.