Case Number 110057 - Sinus Dilation Device

Contact: Jill Uhl
Phone: 513-558-5621

Description:  Dr. Allen Seiden in collaboration with UC's Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program have developed a device which allows a single hand to manually control expansion of a dilation balloon on a rigid curved shaft, while providing the option of simultaneous suction.

This device gives the operator the ability to deploy a dilating balloon mechanism by means of a specially designed pistol grip. The balloon is manually inflated in two stages as the first and second trigger are pulled. The locking mechanism allows the operator to overcome large forces of pressure. The device also includes a release button to deflate the balloon.

The balloon is attached to the distal end of the rigid shaft, just after an angulation in the shaft that improves access. The balloon is inflated by a small diameter tube in such a manner that expansion and suction can be achieved simultaneously. The suction function operates independently of the dilation and can be operated separately.


We have a pending PCT entitled Handheld Devices for Dilating Tissue

For more information please also see this summary.