Case Number 110068 - Metal Stent Coating

Contact: Kellen Sensor
Phone: 513-558-5621

Description:  Dr. Terry Kirley has developed a protein coating for metal stents that limits each of these deleterious processes.

This invention is a protein coating for metal stents. The coating serves to reduce the major biocompatibility issues faced by metal stent insertion.

This stent coating has been shown to inhibit clotting and thrombosis, potentially eliminating the need for long-term administration of anti-coagulant drugs. Experiments are ongoing to determine if the coating reduces restenosis and inflammation as expected.

The invention addresses a major negative biological response to stent placement. Pending results, the coating is expected to minimize all three main negative responses to stent insertion. The coating is expected to significantly improve the long-term prognosis for stent placement.


A provisional application for a patent is pending.

For more information please also see this summary.