Case Number 112044 - Mesh Fasteners and Applicator

Contact: Kellen Sensor
Phone: 513-558-5621

Description:  Dr. Mary South has developed a medical device that eliminates time spent suturing in procedures such as pelvic organ prolapse repair.

The device is a safe, efficient and functional way to attach mesh during a variety of medical procedures. The fasteners can be used more generally in the suturing of incisions as well as attachment procedures.

Currently, the method of choice for the attachment of mesh is a delayed absorbable or permanent suture. The use of suture knot tying tends to be a laborious and time intensive process, particularly when operating in hard to reach places or when tying knots laprascopically or robotically.

These fasteners eliminate the need to tie knots and thus reduce the amount of time required in attachment procedures. Further, the applicator facilitates the attachment of mesh in hard to reach places. While the fasteners were originally developed to aid in the attachment of mesh to the vaginal wall, they can be used more generally for any suturing procedure.

Our device has the following advantages:

A provisional patent is pending.