Case Number 112070 - Methods and Compounds for Treating Cancers

Contact: Jill Uhl
Phone: 513-558-5621

Description:  Dr. Edward Merino has created a novel strategy for the treatment of leukemia and renal cancers by using highly selective compounds. The compounds selectively trigger toxic reactions in cancer cells with increased reactive oxygen species. Reactive oxygen has been found to be at greater concentrations within these cancers. Due to strategic activation, these hydroquinone-modified DNA-modifying agents afford the benefit of an enhanced therapeutic index, both in-terms of enhanced anti-cancer activity and reduced anti-normal cell activity, compared to other agents with a similar mode of action. Thus, this agent’s design produces lower off-target reactivity towards primary cells. Additionally, the strategy is complementarily with other therapies. Since these agents are stable, they are amenable to high throughput screening and can be rapidly developed.

The invention has the following advantages in comparison to other current therapies:

US provisional patent filed

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