Case Number 112092 - Silver Nanoparticle-Enhanced Photosensitizers as Antibacterial Agent

Contact: Doug Nienaber
Phone: 513-558-3098

Description:  Dr. Peng Zhang and his colleagues have developed a type of novel antibacterial agents by attaching conventional photosensitizers to silver nanoparticles. This new type of agents combines the effects of photoinactivation by photosensitizers with silver’s antibacterial activity to create a type of effective and versatile antibacterial and antibiofilm agents.

When the agent is used to make a topical cream, the end result will be an improvement over current wound healing and infection prevention creams, such as Neosporin®. The broad-spectrum antimicrobial property overcomes some problems associated with the antibiotics through the use of silver nanoparticles, which bacteria are unknown to develop resistance to. In addition, this agent presents only minor adverse effects on humans and is biodegradable.

A US provisional patent is pending.

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