Case Number 112102 - Medication Compliance App

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  A team of PharmD students has developed a system for enhancing medication compliance. The concept consists of a smartphone application or “app” which has close ties to a pharmacy's mainframe. This pharmacy app will be very convenient and user-friendly for patients and has the potential to enhance health outcomes through adherence.

Recent studies have found that not taking medications as prescribed leads to a number of problems. These range from unwanted side effects to frequent hospitalizations and even death. This lack of compliance increases the cost of medical care upwards of $290 billion annually. Because up to 75% of patients are non-adherent to their medication regimens in some manner, improving this facet of healthcare can have a profound impact on health outcomes, expenses, and profits in the industry.

With the retail pharmacy in mind, the students developed the system to increase patient medication compliance. By designing a computer system to connect a patient's smartphone with the pharmacy computer, they have created a real-time link to automatically collect and transfer data between the end user and the pharmacy. Such a connection would offer the pharmacist significantly more information about the patient, and provides the patient with features that no other pharmacy app on the market delivers. These features will not only improve adherence and provide greater information about medication and medical conditions, but can also facilitate medication therapy management (MTM). The role of the retail pharmacist is shifting from the dispensing and verification side to MTM and direct patient contact; numerous studies demonstrate that the pharmacist’s involvement directly improves patient outcomes. This app is in line with those goals and would propel any pharmacy into the forefront of these changing times.

A provisional patent is pending