Case Number 113009 - Unambiguous Anthrax Detection Assay

Contact: Jill Uhl
Phone: 513-558-5621

Description:  Dr. Jagjit Yadav’s lab has developed novel chromosomal primers for use in a multiplex detection assay for anthrax (Bacillus anthracis). Unlike current detection assays available which focus on plasmids pX01, pX02, and non-specific chromosomal markers, this assay relies on highly specific chromosomal primers. Thereby avoiding the misidentification of closely related non-anthracis species and unneeded misdiagnosis.

Our assay has been verified to yield the expected amplification products & melting curves for B. anthracis. Further, no comparable or spurious amplification products from any of the 45 strains of the most closely related non-anthracis species (20 B. thuringiensis, 17 B. cereus and 8 B. mycoides) were produced in the detection assay. Therefore our primers are excellent for the unambiguous detection and identification of B. anthracis.

A provisional patent is pending.

An additional summary can be found here: Unambiguous Anthrax Detection Assay