Case Number 113039 - Blood Test for Cancer Screening & Diagnosis

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  Dr. Georg Weber has developed a real time RT-PCR blood test for the screening of multiple cancers. Dr. Weber and his group have previously shown that osteopontin has potential for cancer screening; recently they identified particular splice variants of osteopontin that are more specific for cancer than the full-length transcript. Utilizing these unique splice variants, this test offers for a highly specific detection of multiple cancers. It may be of particular value in lung cancer.

The recent results also included examining blood samples that were processed in a variety of ways. The test proved to be independent on how the initial blood sample was processed. Thus confirming that it could robustly handle differences in the initial blood processing and would not be affected by the substantial differences that blood is processed depending on the needs of the patient.

The technology has the following advantages over similar cancer diagnostics:

A provisional patent has been filed.

More information about this technology can be found in the SpringerPlus article entitled RNA blood levels of osteopontin splice variants are cancer markers.

An additional summary can be found here.