Case Number 115003 - interactive case studies

Contact: Doug Nienaber
Phone: 513-558-3098

Description:  Developed by a University of Cincinnati College of Nursing team led by Christine Colella, the interactive case study (ICS), is a novel way to enhance the teaching of distance learning students.

Are you looking to enhance the diagnostic education experience for your health care profession students? Do you want to provide similar learning opportunities for both on- and off-campus students? Start by engaging your students through our innovative case studies that challenge their critical thinking skills.

Our interactive case studies place students IN the shoes of a professional health care provider, allowing students to practice interacting with patients virtually. Students perform multiple patient interviews, physical assessments and laboratory tests to help them determine differential diagnoses ALL through responsive technology.

The first of their kind, our interactive case studies comprise a series of 15 cases: 5 pediatric, 5 adult and 5 geriatric case studies that feature a standardized patient with scenarios ranging from simple to complex diagnoses. Each module presents an original blend of video assessment and student journaling components that allow the learner to experience a variety of assessment scenarios related to pediatric, adult and geriatric populations. We created this active learning experience to offer students a risk-free environment in which to practice their skills. The student learner must think through their decisions. Expressing a rational for which questions to ask, which systems to assess, which labs to choose and their top differential is a key component to understanding the process.

Our interactive case studies provide students a unique chance to apply their skills and learn from a professional. Help your students grow as health care providers in the following ways and more:
PLUS, students can further their learning by checking out additional resources included throughout the case study! These original case studies provide educators an invaluable opportunity to expand their educational reach. The advanced virtual aspects create equal learning opportunities for on- and off-campus students alike.

Our work in action:

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