Case Number 115029 - Air-Cooling with Thermal Energy Storage for Efficient Energy Generation

Contact: Doug Nienaber
Phone: 513-558-3098

Description:  A thermoelectric power plant in the US loses about half of a gallon of water to evaporation for every kilowatt-hour of end-use electricity supplied. In Arizona, the loss is about 7.85 gallons per kWh. All at substantial and growing cost.

Funded under a US Department of Energy ARPA-E grant, Dr. Raj Manglik is proving the benefits of his air-to-air heat exchanger with thermal energy storage. His closed-loop system retrofits to existing power plants.

The dry-cooling system combines and air-cooled condenser with an air cooling loop and a recharge loop with thermal energy storage. State-of-the-art fluid flow control permeates the entire system.

Patent Pending: PCT/US15/52231