Case Number 115054 - Staff Coaching Management System

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  We have developed software to assist an organization (specifically a coach/trainer/educator) to provide interactive one-on-one training.

Often general training is followed up with one-on-one training. This is usually done through in person meetings, etc. and often is confounded by scheduling problems. We have developed a software system and workflow to assist the coaches and trainees to better manage this relationship completely in a virtual environment.

Trainees using the materials provide reflections and observations as they are using them via audio recordings and writings. A coder will code the reflection on the rubric for the coaches to assess and evaluate.

Our web-based system to manage staff coaching includes the following features:
  • Ability to manage users (Training organization coders, coaches and admin)
  • Ability to manage agencies (an agency is an enterprise who contracts the training organization to provide coaching to its employees or volunteers)
  • Ability to manage agency users (employees, coaches and agency admin)
  • Ability to manage roles (assign users to roles at the system level and agency level)
  • Ability for trainees to upload audio reflection with direct links to the coach’s feedback
  • Ability to enable coders to listen to the audio and complete an assessment form
  • Ability to allow multiple different users to review the assessments forms
  • Ability to track or monitor the status of the audio submission
  • Ability to email notifications based on workflow actions Ability to print reports at each role

    Technology: The system is Web-based built on the Drupal content management framework that uses PHP and MySQL database. Further the system uses the following libraries and technologies under open source licenses as indicated: