Case Number 115056 - Reports Integration Tool

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  We have developed a set of tools to easily create, store and manage reports based on an organizations data.

Generating reports is an essential part of most software systems, especially those that manage a workflow or collect data from users or systems. Many enterprise software systems, to meet specific internal needs, already have fixed internal reports, or canned reports. These canned reports are generated by software modules that are strongly coupled with the enterprise system. Thus modifying the reports can be an expensive and time consuming process since it requires rewriting code that is already approved and certified as well as requiring expertise which may not be readily available.

Our reports integration tool has been developed to address this problem. The tool decouples the reporting engine from the software system and relies on the reporting engine to design and develop the reports and subsequently integrate those reports into the software system. It contains three major components:
  • An open-source reporting engine to design, create and edit reports.
  • A report edit tool to add, delete and edit the report name, description and connection to the reporting engine A report grouping tool to create and edit groups for the reports

    Technology: The tool uses Bootstrap for responsive design and is primarily written in PHP, utilizing MySQL for the database needs and JasperReports as the reporting engine. Further the system uses the following libraries and technologies under open source licenses as indicated: