Case Number 115060 - Interview Management System

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  We have developed a multi-user, role-based and web-based system to schedule interviews.

Scheduling and managing interviews require intensive coordination effort to align the individual's schedule, the room, and the interviewer with the different possibilities of rescheduling. Scheduling two people is easy, but when you need to start scheduling three or four people the conflicts can become unwieldy. Doodle polls and other similar internet based services can be insufficient since they typically lack the tools to allow for automated rescheduling. Nor do those services allow others to track results of such interviews and/or allow for reports to be sent to others.

The Interview Scheduling Management system is a multi-user, role-based and web-based system. Administrators can create an event, assign a room and populate available individual slots. Users can come to the site to browse the different rooms and the availabilities. Interviewees can sign up for a time slot and can reschedule at a later time. A reschedule opens up the time slot allowing other interviewees to register as well. A third role is for the interviewer who administers the interview to the interviewee. They can, if desired, post the result of the event, which notified the interviewee as well as the administrator. Administrators can run reports per room, per individual and per interview. This system works equally well for exams as well as scheduling auditions.

The specific features of the system include:
  • A registration tool that allows individuals to register for events and reschedule as needed
  • A notification tool to remind interviewees of their scheduled interview
  • An event management tool to create, edit, and delete events with dynamically available rooms, schedules, and slots
  • A scoring tool to enter section scores and uses an algorithm to determine a final score A reporting tool that allows administrators to create reports from scores with the ability to export reports as PDF

    Technology: The tool uses a variety of open source tools: