Case Number 115088 - Collagen Scaffolds Printed in 3D with Microscale Features

Contact: Doug Nienaber
Phone: 513-558-3098

Description:  Collagen is the preferred scaffold for regeneration of bone and other tissues. The global market for scaffold element technology is over $450 million and is expected to grow rapidly (13% CAGR).

Professor Vasile Nistor and his doctoral student, Alex Bell, working at the University of Cincinnati, have demonstrated, for the first time, the ability to print 3D structures with microscale features in collagen. This breakthrough allows for a closer recreation of the native cellular environment. The collagen is not chemically modified and the resultant structure is biocompatible.

In comparison to scaffolds made of bovine serum albumin (BSA) or other proteins, Dr. Nistor’s group creates structures that are of similar geometric resolution, while employing superior material—type I collagen is already inherently part of the native extracellular matrix and provides more realistic structural cues to cells.

Patent Pending

Collagen Scaffolds Printed in 3D with Microscale Features