Case Number 116019 - Training Management System

Contact: Geoffrey Pinski
Phone: 513-558-5696

Description:  We have developed software to assist an organization manage their training programs.

As many organizations know, scheduling and managing training often can be a complex and overly complicated procedure. The accessibility of training creates its own, whether you are trying to provide the training as a requirement, voluntary, employee-only, or open to the public. In addition to accessibility, location and scheduling can be a challenge when you have a variety of options. In addition, many people use a paper and pen model to take attendance which requires extra data entry.

Our web-based organizational training management system addresses this need by providing a friendly, intuitive, multi-user, multi-agency system to manage the training workflow. The system includes the following features:
  • Ability to manage users (trainees, trainers, agencies)
  • Ability to schedule and manage a training session
  • Ability to add and monitor attendees
  • Ability to manage the appropriate contact information for users
  • Ability to schedule training sessions
  • Ability to provide pre-course, course and post-course materials
  • Ability to record training results, including monitoring attendance
  • Ability to search and provide a calendar view of training sessions Ability to print or email certificates to users based on completion status

    Technology: The system is Web-based built on the Express web framework with Node.js and uses MongoDB and Redis databases. Further the system uses the following libraries and technologies under open source licenses as indicated: