Case Number 116022 - Mouse Model for Angiosarcoma and Lymphangiosarcoma

Contact: Melissa Baines
Phone: 513-558-5274

Description:  Dr. Jun-Lin Guan and his lab have developed a research tool for modeling angiosarcoma and lymphangiosarcoma.

This research tool is a genetically-engineered mouse model, that replicates all the main features of human angiosarcoma and lymphangiosarcoma, including invasion and metastasis. A technique for isolating primary tumor cells from the mice has also been developed. The in vitro cell-based assays have been optimized to test tumor cell growth, apoptosis and kinase activities.

This model would be useful to those Researchers engaged in the care of patients with angiosarcoma and lymphangiosarcoma, and patients with other vascular tumors and vascular malformation.

The technology currently has the following advantages:

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Mouse Model for Angiosarcoma and Lymphangiosarcoma